Ceramic Course (Wheel Throw + Hand built)

陶藝班 (拉坯 + 手揑)課程

包括: 陶藝知識, 搓泥及造型技巧, 以及釉色類別及上釉技巧


Updated on 20th Sept 2020:

1. 體驗課 / 一節 (需時約2-3小時) $250
初次參加的朋友, 可以體驗創作一件陶藝碗 (可拉胚或手捏), 費用包括泥料, 燒成及釉料, 課程時長可因應同學製作進度延長, 第一件作品完成後, 同學如希望進一步學習, 可在完成單節後一個月內補$350報讀首月月費課程或補$650報讀首月初級拉坯課程

2. 家庭體驗課 / 一節 (需時約3小時) $450 (2件作品) / $600 (3件作品)
初次參加的家庭, 可以體驗創作陶藝碗, 費用包括泥料, 燒成及釉料, 課程時長可因應同學製作進度延長

3. 初階陶藝工作坊 / 一節 (需時約2-3小時) $300
在導師的指導下完成創作一件6吋x6吋x6吋的陶藝碗/杯/碟 (可拉胚或手捏), 費用包括泥料, 燒成及釉料, 課程時長可因應同學製作進度延長

4. 進階陶藝工作坊 / 一節 (需時約3 -4小時) $500
在導師的指導下完成創作一件8吋x8吋x8吋的陶藝花瓶/酒瓶/香薰座/聚財花瓶/茶壺(可拉胚或手捏), 費用包括泥料, 燒成及釉料, 課程時長可因應同學製作進度延長

5. 初級拉坯課程 (4堂/月,每堂約2-3小時) $900

6. 月費自助計劃(港幣600元 / 人 )          

於開放時間內, 無限時間, 日數上課, 適合有一定基礎人士練習
(包括: 5公斤陶泥, 釉料及燒制一件作品, 和使用場內設備, 額外燒件請與導師查詢)

1. Trial Class (2-3 hours)

HK$250 per person for the first piece of Bowl, including clay, firing and glaze, after the first piece, if you wants to come back for more, you can join our monthly class by paying HK$350 for the first month or HK$650 for the first month Routine Class.

2. Family Trial (app. 3 hours)

HK$450 per family for 2 pieces or HK$600 per family for 3 pieces of Bowls, including clay, firing and glaze.

3. Gift Workshop / session (2-3 hours)

If you would like to create a special gift, (handbuild or wheel throw bowl / cup / plate) , we can guide you step by step for HK$300 per person (6" x 6" x 6") including clay, firing and glaze.



4. Advance Gift Workshop / session (3-4 hours)

If you would like to create a special gift, (handbuild or wheel throw vase / sake bottle / teapot ....) , we can guide you step by step for HK$500 per person (8" x 8" x 8") including clay, firing and glaze.

5. Routine Class (4 lessons / month, app. 2 hours per lesson)

HKD 900 for the class and we will guide you step by step on ceramic creation process, from wedging, throwing, hand building to firing. You can create 2 -3 pieces of products within this month.

6. Monthly Class

HK$ 600/ month / head

Unlimited time and days for self service practicing during our opening hours

(included: 5kg of Clay, glaze and firing for 1 piece of product. Extra artwork firing and extra clay, please contact us for detail)


  • Special Course / Special Day Experience Course

訂製課程 / 特別日子課程  

(Please contact us /請聯絡我們)

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